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Welcome to Heroes Reborn!

We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos is gaining power and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has one Infinity Stone... can they keep the others out of his hands?

'Nuff said!

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Active Topics
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Thor vs. The Hard Rock
New York Thor Odinson 0 1 Today at 03:40 pm
Last Post by: Thor Odinson
Two Down, Four to Go.
Xandar Lady Sif 4 42 Today at 03:07 pm
Last Post by: Lady Sif
Jinx's Muse Playlist
AKA plz don't judge me
Inspiration Jinx 0 4 Today at 02:58 pm
Last Post by: Jinx
Carved Out of Wood
Tag: Thor
Hell's Kitchen Brunnhilde 13 74 Today at 02:42 pm
Last Post by: Thor Odinson
Welcome to Starfleet
Original 18+ Star Trek RPG
Link Back -Evren- 0 1 Today at 12:50 pm
Last Post by: -Evren-
Post-Traumatic Check In
~ Sofia/Marty
New York Jean Grey 2 16 Today at 10:05 am
Last Post by: Jean Grey
New York State Of Mind
Tag: Darcy Lewis
New York Scott Summers 3 15 Today at 03:32 am
Last Post by: Darcy Lewis
Belated Christmas Thief
~ Nat/Aech
New York Steve Rogers 9 55 Today at 03:13 am
Last Post by: Natasha Romanoff
What Are You Doing Here?
[SINY] Tag: Natasha
SI New Year's Extravaganza Loki Laufeyson 1 13 Today at 02:53 am
Last Post by: Natasha Romanoff
I ain't Spider-man
Tag: Tony
New York Miles Morales 5 44 Today at 02:25 am
Last Post by: Tony Stark
1 fish, 2 fish
Jess Jones
New York James Barnes 3 19 Today at 02:09 am
Last Post by: Jessica Jones
oddest date to date
[SINY] tag loki - lady loki
SI New Year's Extravaganza Baldr Hvatason 4 48 Today at 01:44 am
Last Post by: Baldr Hvatason
Sage, Tessa (WIP)
Sage | Adriana Lima | 28
Applications Tessa Sage 0 21 Today at 01:33 am
Last Post by: Tessa Sage
Bedtime Apples
Tag: Jessica Jones
Hell's Kitchen Singularity 5 24 Today at 01:32 am
Last Post by: Jessica Jones
Adventures in Babysitting
Tag: Ange/Nitro
Stark Industries - International HQ Gwen Stacy 0 5 Today at 12:48 am
Last Post by: Gwen Stacy
Minutes to Midnight (Pages 1 2 )
[SINY] tag: partygoers
SI New Year's Extravaganza Tony Stark 17 144 Yesterday at 10:52 pm
Last Post by: Anna Marie
Celebrating with Candles
Xavier's Jean Grey 5 29 Yesterday at 09:41 pm
Last Post by: Scott Summers
come on skinny love [jcink premium]
sandbox rp open for over 6 years
Adaptations -cassie- 0 2 Yesterday at 08:54 pm
Last Post by: -cassie-
The Second Act
[SINY] tag: partygoers
SI New Year's Extravaganza The Watcher 14 146 Yesterday at 08:16 pm
Last Post by: Karnak Mander-Azur
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