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Welcome to Heroes Reborn!

We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos is gaining power and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has two Infinity Stones... can they keep the others out of his hands? And what does this mysterious Victorious group want with our heroes?

'Nuff said!

new skin! welcome to our new skin, coded by our lovely j-3po! let us know if you spot any issues!

new staff! congrats to j-3po and asterous! they are our new mods!

new member group/teams! enforcers have been added as a member group, and cavalry and the thunderbolts have been added to the faction list!

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This skin and graphics were designed by J of Shine. Site item graphics are by Jinx. Site templates are by Toni, Liho, and J.

Marvel and all characters thereof are owned by Marvel and Marvel Studios, but the story of this site and its plotlines were created by the staff team. Posts are copyright their individual writers.

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SI New Year's Extravaganza
Anna Marie posted in Minutes to Midnight on Feb 16 2018, 01:50 PM
Welcome to the biggest party of 2017! And 2018, too. (Until the next New Year's party.) Come in, grab a drink, and make it count! [You may start any kind of thread here. Only up until 11:55 pm for now. The staff will start a countdown thread when it's time.]
Future Minds of the World
Elizabeth Braddock posted in Gymnasium on Yesterday at 11:35 pm
An international STEM fair open to all comers, held on February 10th at the United Nations International School...and interrupted violently by a group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Mutants. Venue description here, IC announcement here. You must have signed up to join.

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