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 Stacy, Gwen, n/a | Lili Reinhart | 16
aka n/a
by Elle @ Jan 9 2018, 01:47 AM
Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy

Gwen, Gwendy
Manhattan, New York
current location
Manhattan, New York
member group
April 16, 2001 / 16
face claim
Lili Reinhart
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Blue; large and doe-eyed
Hair: Light blonde, medium length
Unusual Features: None

Gwen has the look of your typical, girl-next-door, high school junior. Puberty managed to take out all the awkwardness and replace it with grace, and Gwen has adapted quite well to the change. She has a delicate, slightly toned build and soft, fair features. Gwen is never the type to look unkempt, always looking polished in some preppy, feminine outfit, her hair and makeup done just enough to give the appearance of effortlessness. She’ll rock business or “snappy” casual on almost any occasion, be it class or something social. It is only during the most particularly grueling study sessions that she may bust out the oversized college sweatshirts, scrunchies, and reading glasses. Otherwise, Gwen carries herself as the peak of sixteen-year-old sophistication.
occupation & affiliations
Current Occupation: Student at Midtown School of Science and Technology; Stark Industries Research and Development Intern
Past Occupation: OsCorp Summer Biochemistry Intern
Current Affiliations: Stark Industries; Science Club, Debate Team, Robotics Team, French Club, Model UN at Midtown; Empire State University Lecture Series Member; member at the local figure skating rink
Past Affiliations: OsCorp
Gwen Stacy is your typical high school brainiac and science nerd, already making a good run to be valedictorian and be voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by graduation. She’s smart, not just for a sixteen-year-old, but in general, and it is evident in almost everything that she does—she considers it her defining trait. But it’s more than just being naturally gifted. Gwen is obsessed with science. Anything she doesn’t understand, she wants to learn about; anything she understands, she wants to master. She is ambitious and driven unlike any other, with no goal being off the table. Once Gwen has set her mind to something, it will happen, and no opportunity will pass her by. Some might say she’s just stubborn, but Gwen has never viewed that as a negative. She stands by her convictions and succeeds more often than not. And she is a perfectionist, not merely content with being right—no, you need to know that she’s right too. Rarely do the little things get let go. Granted, this can make her a bit high strung and anxious at times; no one puts more pressure on her than herself. But ultimately, Gwen is curious and eager to learn, and her quick thinking has given her a cleverly sharp wit—one which she takes pleasure in having reciprocated as it means the person can keep up with her.

Beyond the book smarts and critical thinking though is a girl who is genuinely very sweet and loyal. Gwen will stand by her friends through just about anything. She’ll keep your secrets. She’ll be your shoulder to cry on. She’ll fight for you. Once the bond has been formed, it isn’t likely to break, at least not from her end. She will do whatever she can to be a supportive friend, always brightening up the day. The care that she has for others is deep and genuine. Gwen also honestly believes that there’s something to be learned from everyone, so pretty much anyone has the potential to be a friend.

But perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Gwen is the bravery that she has. The girl takes after her father and runs straight into danger if she thinks it’s what’s best. So what if she doesn’t have any great power? Gwen still tasks herself with great responsibility to help people. Whatever she can do, she will do, even if she’s scared and even if it’s dangerous. Of course, Gwen is a pretty ordinary girl in a pretty extraordinary world. She isn’t a superhero or a soldier—heck, she’s not even a legal adult. Sometimes she’s pretty sure that the bravery she can exhibit is entirely unwarranted. She’s only sixteen after all, there’s a lot for her to learn. Every time she thinks she knows it all, reality likes to remind her that she doesn’t. Gwen is really beginning to see the harshness of the world, but still, her idealism persists.

Intellect: At sixteen, Gwen is leagues beyond her peers when it comes to intelligence. Already, she has become a fairly gifted scientist when it comes to biochemistry and genetics, she continues to learn about the sub-field of biotechnology, specifically in relation to alien and super-human usage, and she dabbles in computer science and engineering on the side—you know, for fun. And if all else fails, she has books on astrophysics for light bedtime reading. In general though, Gwen has a great mind for problem solving everything from the scientific to the mundane.

Organization: Everything in Gwen’s life is ridiculously organized. She will never misplace an item or stumble when juggling numerous tasks at a time. Her recall memory and multi-tasking ability are both top notch—and she makes it all look easy.

Communication: Gwen has never been afraid to speak up, share her ideas, or speak publicly. Thanks in part to Debate Team, Gwen knows how to speak formally and persuasively to get exactly what she wants. She is also fluent in French and inching towards fluency in Russian.

Self Defense: Captain Stacy simply could not allow his daughter to wander through New York without any self defense training and still get to sleep at night. It isn’t much, but she’s been through the basic defense seminar put on by the police department. Maybe she can’t take on a villainous alien army, but Gwen at least knows how to load a gun and kick someone in the shin. Of course… that’s kind of the full extent of it. But it’s better than nothing.

Figure Skating: When Gwen wasn’t off being a genius, she was learning to skate. It’s never been anything more than a hobby, but at this point she’s actually pretty talented. In terms of usefulness, it’s given her some toning and increased agility. Otherwise, the sport is just a good way for Gwen to let off steam.

Parents: George Stacy (father); Helen Stacy (mother)
Siblings: Phillip (younger brother); Simon (younger brother); Howard (youngest brother)
Other Relatives: Arthur (uncle)
Partner: n/a
Important People: Tony Stark; Norman Osborn; the entire Avengers team who she is low-key obsessed with
The first of four children, and the only girl, from the moment that Gwen was brought into the world, she was her parents’ whole world. Her father, Captain George Stacy of the NYPD, was determined to keep his daughter safe from the dangers of the city; her mother, Helen Stacy, a prominent publicist, was determined to keep her happy.

Growing up, there were times when Gwen was the picture of a typical child. She had friends and liked to be social. She learned to play the piano and was actually really good at ice skating. But then, the next day she would be asking questions about calculus, and the day after that she’d be asking to go to the library to check out a chemistry book. She was precocious. Gifted. Right from the start, her family knew she’d be going on to do big things. Because for every hour that Gwen wanted to color and play with puppies came an hour where she wanted to know everything about cancer immunotherapy—and often such hours were back to back.

Gwen started off her school career with STEM schools around the Upper West Side where she lived, and quickly began to turn heads. Science fairs. Scholarships. Advanced courses. Little Gwen was plowing through them all. For a while, Gwen thought she was working towards a career in medical research. She thought she’d be working to cure cancer, as that seemed to be one of the biggest scientific problems.

But then there was Iron Man, and long lost super-soldiers, and alien gods, and alien enemies… the entire universe seemed to open up, and suddenly curing cancer didn’t seem as pressing as stopping alien armies from ripping apart New York. Because while there were clearly extraordinary heroes rising to the occasion, Gwen also got a firsthand look at the ordinary heroes. People like her father who still plunged into the chaos to help, despite having no power or tech. If people like him could still find a way to make a difference, Gwen was confident that she could as well.

So she shifted gears. As Gwen grew older, she began to set her sights on the big companies and institutions making waves in a world that was exponentially growing its scientific knowledge. She kept seeking out challenges, striving for more—and that’s how, by the time she got to high school, she was in line for an OsCorp summer internship.

OsCorp was one of the top companies around, one of the biggest competitors to Stark Industries. Their biochemistry research was some of the best in the country, and as a newcomer to the specialization, Gwen looked up to them. When she found out that the company was putting together an internship program that would accept high school students, she had sprung into action, certain that it would be a magically fulfilling experience.

To this day, Gwen isn’t really sure what the problem with OsCorp was—or if there even was a problem. Things just seemed… off. Research files would spontaneously disappear. People whispered. Entire floors required clearance levels that Gwen hadn’t heard that anyone actually possessed. Sure, Gwen learned a lot that summer, but it always felt like someone was watching over her shoulder. It just felt weird. At the end of the summer, Gwen’s supervisor offered her an extended internship through the the school year at the company—a huge step forward. It could have meant a scholarship, a permanent job, a place in a company leading the entire scientific industry.

Gwen, who had up until that point vigorously pursued any opportunity that came her way, turned it down.

This left Gwen in a very strange position at the end of the summer. She felt directionless, like the clear path that she had laid out for herself over so many years was disappearing. But almost like it was fate, two things happened in the city in quick succession that allowed the girl to bounce back: Midtown School of Science and Technology received a state funding grant, which helped it become the far best STEM school in New York, and Stark Industries, the most scientifically advanced company in the country, developed an incredibly prestigious high school internship program. Suddenly, Gwen had goals to strive towards once again.

So, with a great deal of determination, ambition and stubbornness Gwen managed to transfer into Midtown and be chosen for the Stark internship. It hasn’t been easy—in fact, the major changes in her life have made this the most challenging period Gwen has faced—but she’s never been happier. Gwen feels like she is exactly where she’s supposed to be, doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing. She has worked herself into an important position, surrounded by important people, and for someone so young, she’s growing up very quickly.

Gwen’s nails clicked against the metal chair arm at an increasingly rapid pace; it was as if they were trying to keep up with the checklist speeding through her head. “Go through it all again,” Gwen thought to herself with a deep breath. In her folder, she had an extra copy of her resume, transcript, and list of references. Her purse held her emergency breath mints, compact mirror, and business card holder for any that she might collect. She had checked her outfit in the mirror at least three times since arriving at the building, had arrived perfectly early (just early enough to show she was punctual, not so early that it was inconvenient), and she had been going over interview questions for weeks. Gwen was ready. She just couldn’t manage to keep calm about it.

It was the internship she had dreamed about, the one that everything else had been on the journey to— Stark Industries. The pinnacle of scientific innovation and creativity, seamlessly blending biochemistry and technology. She had read every news story and journal article about the company for the last five years and gone to numerous presentations and lectures hosted by the lead Stark himself. When word came out that the company would be accepting high school interns, Gwen had thought of practically nothing else. And now, here she was, round one of in-person interviews.

“Are you here for the internship interview too?” Gwen blinked, jolted from her thoughts by the young man sitting a few chairs away from her. The lobby had been practically silent before he had spoken, and with the pressure she was putting on herself, Gwen had nearly jumped.

“Yeah,” she answered back with a warm grin. The young man looked a little sweaty, and he was slowly wringing his hands together. Nerves.

“Are you nervous?” The young man asked quietly, looking at Gwen with wide eyes.

“Yes.” Gwen thought silently. She inhaled deeply and pursed her lips, trying to decide how to answer out loud. “No,” she finally answered, her voice soft but confident, “I feel prepared. I’ve been through some rough interviews before, so this one shouldn’t be too scary.” When she spoke the words, she could feel herself starting to believe them. Gwen glanced back at the young man, taking in his paleness and subtle jittering. He may have asked the question to her, but he hadn’t really directed it to her, Gwen could see that now. She stood up from her chair and shifted over to the seat beside him, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. “It’ll be fine. If you’ve gotten this far, you must be pretty smart. I’m sure they’ll see that.” Gwen saw no reason to try and psych the guy out. He was scared. Even if they wound up competing for the same position, Gwen didn’t want to win out just because the young man was too nervous to show how intelligent he was. That almost didn’t seem fair.

Just as the young man was about to thank her, five quick, loud, bleeping tones filled the room. “My phone!” Gwen thought in sudden, painful embarrassment. “How did I forget to silence my phone?” It was so unlike her to forget something; even more unlike her to be so unprofessional. Gwen reached across the chair to where her purse sat, and she pulled her phone from the pocket. “Sorry. I thought I turned it off,” she mumbled through an uncomfortable grimace. At least it had gone off while she was sitting in the lobby and not while she was in the interview. That was the silver lining. As she moved to turn the device off, the young man beside her leaned forward, his nervousness gone and replaced by intrigue.

“Wait a second,” he said, pointing at the notification on Gwen’s home screen, “you get alerts about the Avengers?”

The corner of Gwen’s mouth began to twitch upwards in a half smile as she took a brief second to actually read the notification on her screen. Apparently Spider-Man was stopping a car theft, and someone was streaming live video. If she wasn’t about to head into an interview, she would have watched.

She had set up her phone and laptop to send her the most up to date information regarding the team. If someone in a fancy costume showed up to fight crime, Gwen wanted to know about it; if their name started trending on Twitter, Gwen wanted to know why. They all astounded her. She could go on for hours about the intrigue of their physiologies and tech—but in all honesty, in the same way that her father’s police stories had captivated her as a small child, the Avengers captivated her now. They were heroic and exciting. Gwen was a fan… which, yeah, played into why she wanted to intern at Stark Industries so badly, but it all boiled down to science at the end of the day…

“God, they are so cool,” the young man began to chatter excitedly. “You know, I heard a rumor that Spider-Man’s suit is made with—“

“Stark technology, yeah,” Gwen finished calmly. Certainly seemed feasible. Who else would be able to make a suit that advanced? OsCorp? Yeah, not likely…

The door at the back of the lobby slid open, revealing a polished woman in an all black business suit. “Ms. Stacy? We’re ready for you now.”

Gwen smiled and took a deep breath. This was it. She stood up and straightened out her skirt, then grabbed her purse and slid her now silenced phone back in its pocket. Gwen had taken no more than one step forward before the young man she had been talking to, now the picture of an excited Avengers fanboy, blurted out one more question: “Wait! Favorite Avenger?”

Gwen glanced back at the woman waiting in the doorway, who now also seemed intrigued. Tough question. Certainly not one she had prepared for in the interview. Iron Man seemed like a cop out, brown-nosing answer, given where she was standing. Besides, the engineer behind the armor was much more interesting. So that wasn’t a good answer. Captain America had been her childhood hero… but he was in a gray area of war criminality now, which wasn’t exactly the most heroic. Again, not the best answer. The newer Spider-Man character was interesting, to say the least. Biologically, he couldn’t be entirely human, and that peaked Gwen’s interest… but he wasn’t really an Avenger, was he? So not him either. She really couldn’t pick just one member and have it be the right answer.

Finally, Gwen began to walk towards the door with all of the preparedness and confidence she could muster for the interview, and she gave the simplest and most fulfilling answer that she could think of: “Thor.”

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Welcome to Heroes Reborn! Please make sure that you have filled out your mini-profile and get to plotting!
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