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We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos is gaining power and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has one Infinity Stone... can they keep the others out of his hands?

'Nuff said!

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 Now Hiring, Friends/Enemies/Colleagues of J. Jones
 Posted on: Dec 21 2017, 12:00 PM
32 years
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“It’s Patsy!”
Trish Walker | 30’s
This little hellcat is Jessica’s best friend - even despite the fact that on the surface, Jess is a pretty shitty friend. The pair grew close during their time as adoptive sisters and to this day, Trish is the only person Jess truly cares for.
Suggested PB: Rachael Taylor

Heroes For Hire
Luke Cage | 30’s
This beast of a man works at a bar. Jess lives for booze. Let’s toss these two together and see what happens. (Note: I’m definitely a fan of Luke/Jess, but I prefer to let relationships happen organically via site roleplay.)
Suggested PB: Mike Colter

Matt Murdock | 30’s
Jess is a troublemaker. He can come bail her out, then help her beat people up while she not-so-lowkey insults his fashion sense. It’ll be great!
Suggested PB: Charlie Cox

Danny Rand | 30’s
This punkass kid guy is the Immortal Iron Fist, Sworn enemy of the Hand, and protector of K’un Lun. (We get it, bro. Your fist glows and you know karate.) He’s also stupidly rich. He and The Hand don’t exactly get along - Jess is more than willing to help him smash skulls with him.
Suggested PB: Finn Jones

Talk Dirty to Me
Kilgrave | 30’s
Obviously, he’s currently on the Presumed Dead list, but we all know how canny and resourceful this piece of shit asshole is. I’m a sucker for torturing my characters, so by all means, bring it on.
Suggested PB: David Tennant

Note: This character will require lots of conversation with the Staff beforehand, but don’t let that frighten you!

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