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 Sokovia Accords and the Registration Act, The Important Differences
 Posted on: Jan 2 2018, 08:56 AM
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The Sokovia Accords

The Version We Use

The Sokovia Accords were ratified by 117 countries in the United Nations in 2017, as a response to the events of 2016 involving terrorists and the Avengers in Lagos, Nigeria, which resulted in the deaths of 26 people, including 11 relief workers from Wakanda. However, they were named for the larger 2015 incident in Novi Grad, Sokovia, between the Avengers and Ultron's forces, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and casualties as well as hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of damage and the destruction of Novi Grad. The international community realized that, between these two events alone, there was a need for some regulation of international incidents involving the high profile team of superheroes based in the United States: the Avengers.

The purpose of the Accords is to regulate the involvement of Avengers and similar teams in international affairs, to provide oversight for such actions, and to force accountability for collateral damage caused by those actions.

The following terms were established:
  • The Avengers will not be a private organization and will operate under the supervision of a United Nations panel.
  • Enhanced individuals will not have authorization to cross international boundaries at will.
  • Enhanced individuals require clearance from a nation's government or UN subcommittee before they can take action in that country, whether alone or as part of a team.
  • Enhanced individuals who have not signed the Sokovia Accords may not participate in any national or global conflicts.
  • Any enhanced individuals who take unauthorized actions or obstruct the actions of those operating in compliance with the Sokovia Accords will be arrested.
The Sokovia Accords should not be confused with a registration act (see below). The Accords do not cover actions taken by enhanced individuals domestically, only internationally. Enhanced individuals are still subject to all applicable local laws. They are not required to sign any documentation if they do not intend to cross national boundaries, and cannot currently be arrested for having or using their powers unless they violate existing laws.

The Registration Act

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Legislation

Note that this is still going through the legislation process, and will not become effective until March 1st.
“All sentient beings residing within the borders of the US, whether temporarily or permanently, are subject to the terms of this act.”

The Act’s full name was the Superhuman Registration Act, or SRA for short, but through edit and amendment is now titled the Superhuman and Vigilante Registration Act. Even this does not fully cover everything that the act itself does. It covers not just superpowered individuals, or even just humans, but also humans who act as vigilantes or use advanced tech to commit crimes. It also covers all non-humans, such as aliens.

In order for an individual to Register, they must provide the following information:
  • their full name
  • whatever aliases they might go by
  • their permanent address
  • a clear photograph taken at registration
  • fingerprints
  • a detailed list of what they are able to do, and
  • a DNA sample.
The Registration Database also includes any team affiliations, previous or current, and tracks the incarcerations of the criminals within the database as well as the training of the heroes on government-sanctioned teams, and any events that they have assisted in. There are multiple groups of people that are affected by the SVRA in a unique way.


For criminals affected by the SVRA, regardless of whether they had powers or tech involved in their most recent conviction, all of this data would be entered into a special database for criminals only, the (slightly misnomered) Superhuman Offenders Registry, which would be accessible to any member of the public. This operates in much the same way as current Sex Offender Registries, giving people the ability to know who in their neighborhood could be a danger to them. It is important to note that if a criminal is found to have powers, they will fall under the SVRA whether these powers were utilized in their criminal actions or not.

Government-Sponsored Heroes

Those wishing to join the Avengers Initiative or other government-sponsored and -approved teams must Register under the act. However, that Registry will be private and secured, accessible only by select individuals within the government or on these teams. This is to protect the families of those choosing to engage in heroics that do not wish for their identities to be made completely public. The database will be secured by Tony Stark himself.

The SVRA also has a clause for setting up the Avengers Initiative as a nationwide program for the training of powered individuals that wish to use their powers for good. While at first this will be limited to two training facilities (in New York and California), there are hopes for the Initiative to spread enough to have a base and training facility operating in every state.

Any non-powered civilians that have special skills they wish to utilize as part of the Initiative must subject themselves to the same Registration as their powered teammates.


If an individual desires to continue operating independently, as opposed to joining a team, they must still Register with the same Registry as the Government-Sponsored Heroes. They are allowed to continue acting as vigilantes, but are not protected by the Government the way those that sign to sanctioned teams are. Those who refuse to Register must alternately sign a legally binding agreement to cease and desist such actions as would be considered illegal under the SVRA, or else they may be arrested as criminals under the laws of the SVRA.

Non-powered vigilantes are subject to the same rules as powered vigilantes.

Powered Civilians

Anyone living as a civilian with powers is allowed their anonymity and not compelled to sign with the SRA as long as they do not utilize their powers in public as either criminal or hero. Utilizing their powers in their day-to-day life is not enough to trigger Registration. If they are taken into custody for violation of the SVRA they will be given the option to join one of the state-approved teams or treated as a criminal under the Act, depending on the violation.

Good Samaritans

The SRA includes a Good Samaritan clause that gives benefit of the doubt to individuals who are involved in one or two incidents in which they use their powers for defense of themselves or defense of others. The SRA pulls police reports for these incidents instead of seeking out offenders. However, multiple reported incidents may raise a red flag and require an official Registration.


The SRA has been heavily edited with the assistance of Tony Stark after his meeting with President Carpenter regarding his original iteration of the SRA. It is only with these edits that he throws his tentative support behind the act and should these ever be edited to a degree that he doesn’t approve of, he will immediately withdraw his support and campaign against it.
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