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Welcome to Heroes Reborn!

We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos has arrived and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has three Infinity Stones--Reality, Power, and Soul; can they keep the others out of his hands? And what does this mysterious Victorious group want with our heroes?

'Nuff said!

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 A Matter of Britain, Betsy's Wants
by @ May 17 2018, 12:48 PM
Brian Braddock
28 yrs
wiki page
Betsy's twin brother, her other half, and truly the person she loves the most in the world. They have a psychic connection linking them together and have gone through a lot in their lives, including the death of her parents. In the comics he was Captain Britain, UK's main hero and I suppose that could easily be adapted to the MCU in some shape of form. The history is totally up to you as well as the face claim. He just has to match Betsy's ethnicity here, which is caucasian considering she is in her first body. You'd also have to contact staff since he is on the Limited canon list, to discuss about his powers.

Take Brian please! For Brother and Sister bonding! <3

Pete Wisdom
28-38 yrs
wiki page
Marvel's answer to James Bond, except he is a mutant. There is a large emphasis of Betsy's days as an Intelligent agent here on the site and I happened to use MI-13 as the agency she worked for, which is the UK's version of S.H.I.E.L.D. If you choose have Pete's history include his Intelligence work, there is a window of opportunity for Betsy to have worked alongside with him in the past. ANd with both of them being mutants, they would most likely still be working with each other moving forward considering she is with the X-men now. Face Claim is player's choice.
Faiza Hussain
27-35 yrs
wiki page
Faiza is a fairly recent canon in the comics and she is also linked to MI-13. She was a Doctor who gained powers to heal people at a superhuman level. Given her recency, she can be easily adapted to the MCU and, of course, if you have any questions concerning her powers you could direct them to staff. I'd love Betsy to have a BFF from when she was back home and an active MI-13 agent. The face claim is the player's choice.
Warren Worthington III
26-32 yrs
wiki page
There are a large cast of mutants and X-men to plot with on the site, so you will get a ton of plots with hi!. Anyways, Warren and Betsy have had a complicated relationship in the comics and while I don't necessarily ship it, I'd like to see where their interactions would go? Whether it be just friends, something more, or anything in between. Face claim option in Toni's want ad is Teddy Sears and of course there is the option of player's choice.
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