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 Simmons, Andrew, Boost | Darren Criss | 24
aka Boost
by Minni @ Jul 9 2018, 09:02 PM
Andrew Caleb Simmons

New York City
current location
New York City
member group
July. 5, 1993 / 24
face claim
Darren Criss
sokovia accords
Not Signed or affected
Not Registered or affected
Andrew is built rather well, he’s semi-muscular due to his workout sessions before and after work. His work isn’t a picnic either, so he is very active and that reflects for his body type. He, however, does nothing to flaunt or show this during day to day life. Most of his clothes have stains on them except for the slightly dusty and mostly unworn formal clothes he has for interviews. He owns a few suits, but they don’t fit him well and aren’t worn often at all. He dresses in basic plain clothes whenever he goes to work or anywhere. If he’s forced into a social situation where he needs to dress slightly more fancy, he’ll wear a shirt tucked in and look very out of place doing so, as none of his wardrobe is fashion forward, conscious, or even semi-sentient in any capacity.

As far as his looks, he also has dark, nearly black hair light brown eyes, that can occasionally appear gray. He keeps his hair short, but not cut straight to. When it’s brushed and combed, he looks quite a bit more put together, but often it’s a mess of curls and bedhead that he hasn’t had the time nor the patience to deal with, preferring to focus on why one child is screaming at another child. He has no noticeable scars or marks on him, other than the occasional scratch that never healed right, and has no piercings as they’d get in the way at work. Most of his shopping is done at thrift stores, and it shows.
occupation & affiliations
He’s not affiliated with any organization or group, he is a daycare teacher.
Andrew is a different person with his peers than with the kids he works with. To start: he has a moral sense of right and wrong, and knows where most acts lie on the spectrum. He doesn’t object to the idea of stealing for need of food, but would still frown on the idea that it had to come to that. His weakness in this also lies in his gullibility and how easy he is to push over and barrel through. Even some of the kids have him pegged for a sucker when it comes to some negotiation. Any particularly stressful situation is often decided based on who the most intimidating guy in the room is, with the only real limit being his mutation. He will attempt with the best of his ability to keep his mutation from being used, meaning skin to skin contact, but even this can be barrelled over by someone with the right amount of force or forceful words. His protectiveness over children in particular, however, knows no bounds. If a child is in danger of being hurt, he would immediately throw his life down. If it was another person his own age…? Well, nobody's perfect. His fear might ultimately win out on that one, unless he was to receive a lot more intervention on that aspect. Andrew clearly remembers when he was close to death from mutation overuse, and death is not his favorite subject.

When working with his peers, He’s a generally shy but nice guy. He goes to the gym before and after work to exercise out the sense of extra energy buzzing around, and is physically fit and in shape. This muscle mass, however, is not meant to be entirely practical for anything other than being able to run at an ok pace and pick up some heavier weights, which does not help him meet new people: he’s been known to say he’s jogging and run off if he’s in the park. He prefers a quiet night away from people instead of going out, but he would go out with others if they very much pushed the subject. As a bisexual male with a touch-based mutation, he also feels uncomfortable coming into contact with...just about any member of the human race that’s around his age, and can be easily flustered by someone conventionally attractive.

When working with kids, he is another person entirely. He laughs and roughhouses, he’s nurturing, and he really interacts with kids on their own level. He knows about a million (this is an exaggeration) different nursery songs. He’s very quick to soothe children, and he’s really able to express himself and be free. He takes off his gloves that he normally wears, because most kiddos at daycare age don’t have superpowers he needs to be aware of.

His fears...are very common. If social situations could be a significant fear, it probably would be for him. He doesn’t like interacting with peers, and doesn’t feel relaxed: mostly on the premise of anyone being able to have superpowers around him. For that same reason he doesn’t really like to work with older kids.
powers & abilities
Power Set
Andrew has a mutation that is a continuous flow that he cannot turn off. The mutation is what he refers to as “Power Enhancer.” What this means is that if he comes in contact (skin-to-skin) with another super-powered individual, he is able to increase their base power level by a certain amount. The amount is not constant, and is based on emotional connection, energy level due to amount of rest and food, and the duration of contact. Particularly strong emotions or an extremely increased fight or flight response causes a greater amount of power to be supplied to whomever he is touching. His amygdala plays a very key role in the release of a great amount of this power, and at very extreme circumstances he could more than double an original amount of power, but he would likely not be able to triple the power output of a person.

This power does not come without drawbacks. The ability can only be rendered useful while in direct contact with the person or persons. While multiple persons could be receiving his mutation, it would be less effective split more and more ways, and less helpful. As soon as skin to skin contact is lost, all power amplification is lost. Alongside this, there are those with superpowers who are already extremely powerful. While able to affect them slightly, Andrew would not be able to add as much power to them, as those with a more substantial base power set have less room for energy to pass through them. Metaphorically, it would be like trying to fill up a glass that was already full. Perhaps there would be a few negligible drops that could be added, but inevitably it is such a small amount of power that it’s hardly noticeable in extreme circumstances. He can still add a little bit of a boost to most anyone.

A brief touch along the street, while small, will still offer a small amount of enhancement. Someone who is able to read minds, for example, may have sudden clarity into a larger number of thoughts, or may be able to locate specific thoughts. This too, however, has its drawbacks. The power that Andrew supplies should be considered “raw” power. It feels like a small electrical buzz on the skin, and can be almost dizzying. Sudden power does NOT mean sudden control, and Andrew is not invulnerable to other mutations or powers, or their effects. If he enhances someone who manipulates and creates fire, he could very much be at risk of a sudden burn wound.

Using his mutation, which for these purposes means coming into contact with any superpowered individual, does cause Andrew some discomfort. He dislikes that buzz feeling that happens when he’s connected, but more than that, he can physically feel his energy draining away. There is a maximum he’s gotten to of 30 minutes in direct contact with another mutant before he was too weak to stand, and nearly passed out. He could likely go close to an hour if he were sitting, but he would pass out at that point. With more training and a lot more of a balanced diet, this number could eventually increase by a few minutes, but not much longer.

When he’s producing his MAXIMUM amount of energy, however, this being when he is extremely emotionally invested or his fight or flight response is heightened, he can only last for 20 minutes without passing out: a number that cannot be surpassed with training. The extreme cases of output would include: fear, love (intense love or compassion), panic, hatred. Pain does not cause his mutation to be more effective, if anything it decreases the effectiveness as his body pushes energy to deal with what’s causing the pain. The power increase goes to the base power set of the other individual. If an individual has a physical mutation: such as wings, scales, claws, etc. he cannot do anything to enhance that. Super strength that is not attributed just to muscle mass, however, he can enhance: and other such things like that. Any power he supplies will be split equally amongst all powers or mutations that the receiving party has.
His primary skill set is dependent on his care of children. The physical skills he has are endurance in terms of his ability to run (only tested on a treadmill and through New York City). He works at a gym, doing basic muscle strengthening and running: but he hasn’t got a trainer or a real plan in mind other than work until it feels as though he doesn’t have so much energy (a drawback of his mutation.) He can calm down kids who are fairly upset, and pick them up while they’re upset and kicking around. This is a mighty feet, as upset kids can be deadweight and pretty hard to handle. If they were listed, he is a particularly good cook, he can run fairly well, and he’s pretty good at reading children’s stories to kids. For some reason he’s also very apt at figuring out sick kids from healthy ones in the daycare.
Parents: Thaddeus Simmons, Rebecca Simmons
Siblings: No blood siblings
Other Relatives: Foster Sister: Emily Gutierrez
Partner: Single
Important People: N/A, generally private.
Andrew was born in New York City to a family that was very small when he came into the world, and then suddenly overwhelmingly large. It wasn’t that his parents had many other children of their own, but they decided that they wanted to foster. Having been left a particularly large home (for New York City) they decided that it was best. Besides, having older and younger kids all together meant that everyone could sort of take care of each other. So, a bumbling little baby boy, Andrew was born to a chaotic household that was full of change and new people in and out. He grew attached of course to his parents, but he had a hard time connecting at first with other kids as a toddler, and into kindergarten. Kids weren’t stable and they would stay in his house for a little while, and then maybe move on. He’d never had his own room, and his parents didn’t like to treat him differently from foster kids.

It was in this way that he had his first exposure to mutants and kids with superpowers. Now, it wasn’t a very often thing he would have someone about in his house with a power. In fact, it was one certain girl he met when he was seven years old. She was nine, and was dropped off by her caseworker. Her parents had been found to be using drugs, or something along those lines (Andrew always got them mixed up between kids.) The end result was that she needed a place for a little while. While Andrew was getting ready for bed one night, he saw this little girl, Emily, staring at something on the other side of the room. Shakingly, she’d managed to make it float in the air just enough to show that she was the one causing it to do that. He’d dropped his mouth just about down to the floor, staring incredulously. A real superhero. In his house!! At his very own home! Emily, who was twelve at the time, rushed out and clamped a hand over his mouth.

She’d made him promise to keep this a secret, and in exchange he could come sit in the corner and “mind his business.” while he watched. The weeks she was supposed to be there changed into months, and the months shifted into years. Andrew was ten, and Emily was fifteen when Andrew’s mutation developed. He’d grabbed Emily’s hand...and she gasped, and pulled it away. The discovery brought them closer together...but eventually drove a wedge straight between them. She wanted more and more from him...and it made him feel more sick every day. He didn’t eat enough calories to provide the amount of strength she wanted to draw from him, and she started to become hungry and desperate for that little high that she felt from his mutation.

A year passed and Andrew’s parents couldn’t figure out why Andrew kept getting so sick, and why he was getting so much skinnier. Doctors trips upon doctors trips revealed nothing, an Emily was unrelenting. She’d take Andrew out to the park or on a walk of some kind, just to hold his hand and see what she could move with his help. On one such trip, she took him out for a walk. So tired and weak, as soon as she’d grabbed his hand he passed out. He was rushed to the hospital, and Emily realized: through the scope of tubes and fluids leading into the then eleven year old, that she was causing so much harm.

Emily was an important aspect of his childhood. She defined a major characteristic of his view towards his abilities. One of caution, and one not to be trifled with. Emily’s parents reunited with her a few months after that, and their seperation was one of heartbreak. Andrew receded into himself: falling back into his introverted and nervous state. His parents weren’t sure what to do. They loved to be foster parents, it was their primary goal in life to help support kids that needed it, but they worried for Andrew’s sake what it would do to him.

From age eleven through 12, after Emily left, his parents didn’t accept any more foster cases. On the eve of his 12th birthday, however, a call came about a young baby who needed just about around the clock care. He was underfed and undernourished, with a few other medical needs as well. It was on that day that his parents decided they would give it one more shot.

It really was the best thing for him. Andrew came out of his shell, perhaps not in front of his peers, but in front of the baby. He was the most nurturing and careful foster brother he could be. Upon noticing how much babies needed to eat, he started to try and eat on the same schedule, consuming quite an inordinate number of calories. His health began to improve along the same line as the infant’s, and he spent less time in the room that had become his, and more time in the baby’s room, spending time and caring for him. His parent’s jumped at that opportunity, and accepted more younger foster kids.

In no time, the house was back to its bustling noise. While his peer interaction skills were never mastered, his nurturing caregiver side flourished. His parents insisted on extracurriculars, but he mostly engaged in solitary sports like tennis or track and field.

Andrew began to get paid for his babysitting skills, and just out of high school he started to work in childcare as well. There weren’t any other notable incidents with his mutation, though he had figured a way to quell that. Oddly, Andrew had decided to wear gloves. Everywhere. No matter what he was doing, he always wore a pair. It did label him as eccentric, but he explained that he had a germ issue with his hands, and most tended to leave it with that.

Throughout events of the accords...the registration acts, the near destruction of his city: guilt wavered on his mind, pouring through every fiber of his being. He should be the type of person who would volunteer their name to assist. Maybe if he had a sliver more of bravery he could do something new. Instead, he would sit with the kids in his classroom, let them climb over with him, protect them. He had his niche to keep safe: and keep safe he would.

On a daycare teachers salary, he is not a wealthy man. His parents had been fortunate enough with their living situation, but Andrew barely makes ends meet with his current small apartment in the city, where he works: unknown to the generally uncaring public.

It was a moment of reflection at work earlier that day. He’d sat in the middle of the floor, surrounded by kiddo’s who’d just finally all gotten to sleep. The last of which had fallen asleep on his cot absolutely clutching at the hem of the rather frilly apron he was wearing. It was perfectly covered in hearts and definitely intended for someone who was quite a few feet smaller than him, but it was an apron for when they were “cooking” earlier, so he had to wear it because...well, that was just the thing to do, wasn’t it? His eyes scanned the room, making sure they were all breathing before he attempted to extracate himself.

He saw a lot of himself in the little boy who’d fallen asleep last. Scared, not willing to really play with his friends, and very attached to a few people. His parents had offered time and time again to pay him to work as a full time nanny for the boy, seeing the deep attachment that had formed, but he’d insisted that the best thing would be for the child to stay surrounded by other kids. The reflection came from the knowledge that when he was younger, it was all he could do to get away from any type of play with others his own age. He always felt like no one understood perhaps it was really Andrew causing undue grief?

The time had passed at least, and he was standing on a treadmill that had stopped moving what seemed like hours ago. Rubbing the last amount of energy from his tired eyes, he relaxed and stepped off, just about falling over onto someone who was trying to walk past. “Woah! I uh...sorry. Didn’t expect to see...someone. Anyone. Anywhere near me.” Great. Smooth move.

He looked up to see who’d valiantly side-stepped his vague attempt at coordination. Obviously it had to be one of the parents from the daycare. Great. He looked like an actual pig that had preened itself in the sun all day long eating nothing but onions. “Mr. Hoffman...hello! Uh...sorry about that. Treadmills can really knock your sense of balance.” His hand reached out for a handshake, and he idly thought about how he’d left his gloves in his gym bag back in the locker room. Surely there weren’t so many mutants that this one particular parent he knew would have some mutation he’d never shared?

Well, if it were a million to one odds scenario, he could have one the damn lottery. That familiar buzz and leach of energy seeped through him, chilling him straight to his core. He pulled his hand back, hopefully before the many could realize it. “ was great catching up.” Even though clearly Mr. Hoffman hadn’t even a chance to take his breath from the onslaught of the smell that must have been spitting off Andrew, which hardly counted as catching up.

He turned to sprint away, and just about broke his neck as he made a beeline for the locker room. Great. Just his luck that he’d start his day and end it on a sour note.

Discord, PM

Face Claim
<b>DARREN CRISS</b> as <i>ANDREW SIMMONS</i><br>
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[s]Andrew Simmons/Boost[/s]
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Welcome to Heroes Reborn! Please make sure that you have filled out your mini-profile and get to plotting!
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