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'Nuff said!

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 Darkholme, Raven, Mystique || Rihanna || 102
aka Mystique
by Aech @ Jan 21 2018, 02:07 AM
Raven Darkholme

Far too many things over the years...
Durnstein, Austria
current location
Washington D.C.
member group
Brotherhood of Mutants
September 13, 1915 / 102
face claim
Height: 5'10" (varies)
Weight: 120 lbs. (varies)
Eye Color: Yellow (varies)
Hair Color: Red (varies)
Distinguishing Features: Blue flesh. No other distinguishing features, unless she chooses to use a form with something unordinary upon it.
occupation & affiliations
Occupation: Deputy Director of DARPA (Dept. of Defense)
Current Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants
Past Occupation(s): Terrorist/Assassin, Government operative (Germany, U.S.), Thief, Transient
Adaptable / Precise / Proud / Aggressive / Deceitful / Cold

Raven Darkholme, at her core, is a survivor. Everything she does day in and day out is a means to an end where she remains alive. This occasionally makes her seem like a fanatic (especially when it comes to mutant rights), which to be fair, isn’t terribly off-base. She is all for promoting the homosuperior cause -- so long as she can pretend to be someone else while she does it, the better to keep her true self safe.

Despite her passionate trysts with men (and women), Raven tends to come off as a very cold-hearted individual. In truth, she fell in love a long time ago and knows that no matter how long it’s been since she’s seen the other woman, nobody will ever fill that place in her heart the way Irene does - so why bother making sex anything more than precisely that. Raven has abandoned not one, but two of her own children in her lifetime, though her affection towards Rogue proves that she is not completely devoid of maternal instincts.

powers & abilities

Raven was born with the ability to psionically alter her physical appearance down to the molecular level. This means she can replicate the exact form of any human/humanoid being (of either gender) - even down to their retina pattern, fingerprint, smell, and voice. This ability also works with non-organic materials, meaning she can create her own clothing and other materials. Some examples of such items are: glasses, ID cards, handbags, and test tubes.

Potential Immortality

Because of her ability to alter herself at a molecular level, Raven is able to shift/rejuvenate her cells. This has allowed her to live far past the length of most humans while still managing to maintain her youthful appearance.

Healing Factor

Another aspect of her shifty nature is Raven’s healing factor, which is considerably higher than base human filth - though nowhere near as fast as people like Wade Wilson or Wolverine. It is unknown if she can regrow full limbs (nor is she particularly in favor of finding out via experience). In addition, Raven is immune to disease and can become resistant to poisons upon contact.

Enhanced Agility & Strength

Raven does not actually have enhanced strength or agility, but she can use her powers to redistribute the mass of her body in order to give herself such abilities for short periods of time. When enhancing her strength, she can only haul around 1,000 lbs, and for only a handful of minutes before she needs a break. Her enhanced agility she can utilize considerably longer, but it’s not much greater than the likes of a peak human scum.


Raven’s weaknesses lie mostly in the limitations of her mutation. Although she can make herself seem larger than she truly is, her body mass does not change. In fact, taking on the form of someone larger than herself is physically straining, forcing her to release such an appearance after a while. Additionally, when she takes on the form of other mutants, she does not also inherit their abilities. Due to her rather fluid lifestyle and the constant changing of her cells, Raven is not what one might refer to as mentally stable (see: bi-polar). Lastly, her true form is more than a little striking, and has always seemed to be a like a metaphorical target on her back.

Actress: As a woman who can literally change her appearance to fit the role she’s playing, Raven has mastered the dramatic art of acting. She can be anything and everything - from a sweet country girl, to a genius billionaire Playboy philanthropist… and everything in between.

Multilingual: Raven has learned many tongues in her lifetime. This includes English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Farsi, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Mandarin, and her native German.

Master Combatant: Sometimes being able to blend in simply isn’t enough, so Raven has made certain she is fully capable in both armed and unarmed combat. She can use a myriad of guns if they become available to her, but more often than not her hand-to-hand skills are what get utilized (namely if/when people realize she’s not who she appears to be).

Infiltration: Raven knows the ins and outs of the infiltration world. She’s good at making certain she has all of the necessary information before putting herself into a situation, though she’s adept at playing by ear if need be. Many of her “jobs” involve taking over a persona for long spans of time (sometimes weeks, sometimes years), which she is more than capable of handling.

Parents: Donner (father) and Sorrel (mother) Darkholme
Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Graydon Creed (son by Victor Creed), Kurt Wagner (son by Azazel), Anna Marie (adoptive daughter)
Partner: It's Complicated (with Irene Adler)
Important People: Erik Lehnsherr, Victor Creed
Raven was born in September of 1915, a seemingly normal girl. Her parents weren’t rich by any means, but they could easily provide for their daughter, whom they doted on happily -- up until her powers manifested at age 12. The blue thing their daughter had turned into frightened Raven’s parents. Despite her sobs and pleas for them to believe she was still the same girl they’d loved all along, nothing swayed them. And so she did the only thing she could think of: she ran. This would only be the first of many times in her life she resorted to such a tactic.

By the late-1940’s, Raven had come to grips with the natural azure shade of her skin. The rest of the world, however, had not. She found herself bound and blindfolded on a firing line next to man named Logan, whose crime was stealing a horse. Instead of letting the ignorant fools shoot her, she managed to slip out of the rope in time, but the man was not so lucky. In a sick twist of fate, however, the man survived being riddled with bullets and exacted his revenge quickly on the men who’d shot him.

Raven invited the Logan, the seemingly invincible man, to join her band of merry thieves on their next job - a bank heist. In the end, she betrayed the group by calling the cops in order to escape with the money herself. When she bumped into Logan on a train heading out of town, the pair shared an awkward moment which she quickly ended by kicking him out of the moving train.

It was somewhere around that time, Raven met a woman named Irene Adler. She was a mutant like herself. The prophecies Irene’s powers had forced out of her had made the woman blind, but Raven never viewed the handicap as a weakness. Irene was the first person Raven had ever felt true love for, despite her typically cold heart. She vowed to help Irene decipher these prophecies, no matter how long it took.

Raven was not able to stay with Irene full-time, unfortunately. She had goals of her own to attend as well, one of which required posing as a German operative named Leni Zauber and working alongside a man named Victor Creed. After the pair assassinated their target, they were forced to lay low at a safe house for a time. When they were finally able to leave, she opted to break their ties completely by faking her own death.

Nine months later, Raven gave birth to a little baby boy, whom she named Graydon Creed. He was beautiful… but despite being the son of two mutants, he lacked any sort of powers. Disappointed (and a little sickened), she gave the baby up for adoption, though she continues to keep tabs on him occasionally.

During yet another one of Raven’s schemes, she married a Baron by the name of Christian Wagner. The marriage was surprisingly decent - he was a good man, albeit a human one. After a time, it became clear that he would not give her a child, so her attention began to wander… until she found Azazel. He gave her what the Baron could not, though the illicit lovers decided to let the him think the child was his.

Unfortunately, he grew suspicious - especially when the baby was born with blue skin and a tail.

Raven killed her husband in cold blood, and when the locals descended upon the house claiming she and the baby were demons, she fled. By the time the villagers caught up to her at a nearby cliff, she’d abandoned her baby in the woods and shifted into the form of a young woman from the village. She exclaimed that she’d pushed Raven Wagner over the cliff, thus faking her own death once again.

Raven came across a young girl with mutant abilities during her travels in the late 2000’s. At first, she thought nothing of it, but her memory of one of Irene’s prophecies stirred something in the blue mutant. Instead of leaving the teenager be, Raven (now going by the name Mystique) took the girl under her wing and began to teach Anna Marie the beauty of mutantkind.

In 2005, when Erik Lehnsherr created his Brotherhood of Mutants, Raven was one of the first to sign on. She assisted with the downfall of the Weapons Plus facilities, using both her mutation, and the skills she’d honed over the years. Magneto’s message of homosuperior was one she believed in thoroughly, and she was more than happy to stay with him, assisting with other Brotherhood missions, including the one to secure the GH. 363 formula which Erik used to de-age himself and Charles Xavier.

Thanks to her use of other names throughout the decades, Mystique was able to infiltrate the US Department of Defense under her true name: Raven Darkholme. She rose through the ranks quickly over the years, and has now reached the position of Deputy Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It’s a decent job, but the perks - access to military weapons and secrets - are the only thing that truly matter to her.

PM / Discord / Carrier Pigeon

<b>Rihanna</b> as <i>Raven Darkholme</i><br>
Face Claim
[s]Raven Darkholme/Mystique[/s]
Canon List
<a href="">Raven Darkholme</a><br>
Who's Who (Char Only)
102 years
Leader of the Brotherhood
total posts
by @ Jan 21 2018, 02:43 AM
Under Review!

The Staff is currently reviewing your application and will get back with you within 48 hours regarding your acceptance status.
total posts
aka Bad Luck Kid
by Jinx @ Jan 21 2018, 04:31 PM

Welcome to Heroes Reborn! Please make sure that you have filled out your mini-profile and get to plotting!
30 years
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