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Welcome to Heroes Reborn!

We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos has arrived and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has three Infinity Stones--Reality, Power, and Soul; can they keep the others out of his hands? And what does this mysterious Victorious group want with our heroes?

'Nuff said!

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aka Bad Luck Kid
by Jinx @ Nov 11 2017, 11:00 PM
The following are considered site canon: Iron Man 1-3, The Incredible Hulk, Thor 1-2, Captain America 1-3, Avengers 1-2, Guardians of the Galaxy 1-2, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman: Homecoming, Agents of SHIELD seasons 1-2, and Black Panther. Site-specific changes to the chronology are included in red.
    1934: Johann Schmidt convinces the Nazi High Command to let HYDRA research and develop weapons for them, and captures Abraham Erskine to work on a super soldier serum for the Nazis.

    1940: Schmidt injects himself with the serum prototype, which disfigures him. Peggy Carter rescues Erskine, and he continues his work in the US alongside Howard Stark in the SSR.

    1942-45: Schmidt steals the Tesseract. Steve Rogers is successfully transformed via the super soldier serum into Captain America. Events of Captain America: The First Avenger.

    1949: Arnim Zola joins SHIELD and rebuilds HYDRA in the form of sleeper agents within SHIELD. He creates the Winter Soldier.

    1960s: Natalia Romanova graduates the Black Widow program in 1960. The Winter Soldier is used for various covert ops for HYDRA, including the assassination of JFK.

    1984: Hank Pym creates a suit using his Pym particles. He and his wife, Janet, take up the mantles Ant-Man and the Wasp, to perform operations for SHIELD.

    1987: Janet disappears during a mission to disarm a Soviet ballistic missile. Hank retires as Ant-Man and resigns from SHIELD when he discovers they're trying to recreate his technology.

    1988: The Ravagers abduct Star-Lord.

    1991: Howard and Maria Stark are assassinated by the Winter Soldier.

    1992: Weapons Plus, a series of clandestine government genetic experimentation programs geared at creating super soldiers by often exploitative and unethical means, begins operation.

    1998: Natalia Romanova becomes the top target on SHIELD's hit list. Clint Barton is sent after her and later recruits her for SHIELD.

    2003: Dr. Bruce Banner joins the Bio-Tech Enhancement Project, which is based on WWII's Project Rebirth. He experiments on himself, which leads to him becoming The Hulk and going on the run.

    2004: Natasha Romanoff takes part in destroying the Red Room.

    2005: Feeling that the mutants of the world are not held to the status they deserve, Erik Lehnsherr begins forming a militant group called the Brotherhood of Mutants with the goal of mutant supremacy. Their first mission is a success: taking down several Weapons Plus facilities.

    2006: Professor Charles Xavier opens his home to students as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

    2008: Events of Iron Man. Captain America is retrieved from the Arctic, thawed, and awakened, and the events of Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor all take place (mostly) in the same week; events of The Avengers one month later in April, and Iron Man 3 in December.

    2009: In response to the events of 2008 and the growing problem of the Brotherhood, Charles Xavier selects a chosen few to form a team of their own for the sake of protecting mutants and humanity alike. Their training is complete and the first group of X-Men formed in the later half of the year.

    2012: Events of Thor: The Dark World.

    2013: First half of Agents of SHIELD season 1.

    2014: Events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April), Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (August) & 2 (November), and second half of Agents of SHIELD season 1 and first half of season 2. Members of the Brotherhood find the remnants of formula GH.327 in the recently destroyed SHIELD Guest House. Analysis of the drug follows.

    2015: Events of Ant-Man and second half of Agents of SHIELD season 2. Events of Doctor Strange in the fall.Feeling the effects of his old age and fearing an impending death, Magneto injects himself with GH.327, which has been determined to have anti-aging effects. When this succeeds in reducing his physical age by half, he pays a visit to his old friend Charles Xavier and forcefully injects him with what remains of the formula, which similarly de-ages him.

    2016: Events of Captain America: Civil War in early May, including the ratification and presentation of the Sokovia Accords. Events of Black Panther in May/June, minus the mid- and post-credits scenes. Events of Spider-Man: Homecoming in the fall. A new President is elected, replacing Matthew Ellis. Richard Carpenter ran on a platform of introducing a Superhuman Registration Act to expand the scope of the Sokovia Accords, aided by a heavy online campaign.

    2017: President Carpenter takes office. After selling off the tower to Metlife, the New York headquarters of Stark Industries moves to the previously defunct Stark Industries New York Facility, renamed the Stark Industries International Headquarters. In May, Thanos tracks down the first of his Infinity Stones, the Reality Stone, at the Collector’s museum inside of Knowhere. After a battle that results in him claiming the Stone, he then uses it to destroy the colony. Now with one of the six in his possession, he sets his sights on a planet guarding another Stone…

    January 2018 The year starts off with a bang as a terrorist group known as Victorious launches an explosive attack against the Stark Industries New Year's Extravaganza. Thanos and his Black Order launched an assault on the Nova Corps to gain his second Infinity Stone, the Power Stone. A shuttle mission specially initiated to study strange cosmic energies has unexpected results for the astronauts involved. President Carpenter and Tony Stark meet for tense talks to discuss the terms of the Registration Act.

    February 2018 On February 7th, President Carpenter announces the pardon of the Secret Avengers in the US and the newly revised Superhuman and Vigilante Registration Act. On February 10th, a group claiming to be the Brotherhood of Mutants issues a challenge to heroes and attacks the Future Minds of the World STEM Fair.

    March 2018 The Superhuman and Vigilante Registration Act takes effect in the United States. On March 7th, the US-based Wakandan facilities open officially. On March 16th, T'Challa speaks to the United Nations and reveals Wakanda's true nature, as well as offering the country's assistance worldwide.

    April 2018 Victorious takes to smaller, scattered attacks to draw out unregistered heroes and put them in violation of the country's recently passed law. Toward the end of the month, Odin is found and Thanos and his forces arrive at Asgard to retrieve the Space Stone, but Loki flees with it.

    May 2018 Portals open around the world, unleashing Mindless Ones on Earth as Dormammu returns for some payback. An anti-SVRA protest turns violent. Hela trades the Soul Stone to Thanos for Odin, then kills the Allfather. With three of the Infinity Stones under his command, Thanos returns to his home to prepare for finding the Space Stone and invading Earth.

    June 2018 D-Day. Thanos and his forces arrive.
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