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Welcome to Heroes Reborn!

We are an AU MCU and X-Men site with comic influence based in current time. Thanos is gaining power and it is time for the heroes of Earth to come together with those of Asgard and Space to fight back against his threat. He already has two Infinity Stones... can they keep the others out of his hands? And what does this mysterious Victorious group want with our heroes?

'Nuff said!

Check out the June Monthly Roundup and welcome our two new staffers, Trav and Calico Jack! The current board time is still May 2018. Please date and plan your threads accordingly.

Happy six month anniversary! Monthly Roundup for May is posted and includes several important updates. Current board time will remain as May 2018 through the end of June IRL.

Six month celebration and other announcements

Activity check is up and we have added combat enhancers as a plot hook!

new member group/teams! enforcers have been added as a member group, and cavalry and the thunderbolts have been added to the faction list!

new skin!

welcome to our new skin, coded by our lovely j-3po! let us know if you spot any issues!

new staff!

congrats to j-3po and asterous! they are our new mods!

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the current month is
May 2018
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 Monthly Roundup, June 2018
aka King
by Your Majesty @ Jun 1 2018, 01:23 AM

We're still going strong and have seen boosted activity this past month. Let's all be honest, we're excited for all the plots exploding all over the site and the crazy interactions that have occurred.  However, please remember than while we may be transitioning into June in real life, in site-time we are still in May 2018, keep that in mind as threads and plots are worked out as we will not be moving into June for another month. Here's to new growth!
  • A big thanks to all the amazing members who applied for staff! We have now filled our mod positions, so please welcome Trav and Calico Jack to the Staff! Our header will be updated in the coming days to reflect their addition.
  • Our activity check for the month of May has been posted here. You have through the 7th to respond to it, and we will process removals on the 8th. Please check this even if you think you don't need to! It only takes a few seconds to reply to the AC if you're all caught up.
  • Remember: You may post threads set in May or earlier, but do not date any threads for June or later until we roll to the next month. We will announce which month it is currently with each Monthly Roundup, and you can also find the current time right below our header, next to the rating and topsite links. It is now crucial that new threads include the [date] tag with the IC date, for the sake of tracking chronology.
  • On the note of the [date] tag, please use this without hesitation as it does help keep the site clean and organized timeline and help players map out the details of their in-site threads and how they link together.
  • Now that we are in the month of June (real time), points are going to return to their normal 5 points per post count. Don't let that stop you from racking up those points for extra character slots and other goodies that can be purchased at the store here.
  • The Wakandan Facility Opening event is still happening! Check here for details on how you can score your character some sweet Wakandan technology.
  • Remember that betting pool? It's still on as Marvel has not yet announced the title for next year's Avengers movie. Place your bets here. Remember, the more people who bet, the larger the pot.
  • Need something to do? Our list of open threads is located here. Be sure to update this list when you post a new open thread yourself.
  • Do you have a thread you would like to submit for the next Monthly Roundup? Let us know here.
  • We are always accepting submissions for our site map! You can find the map here, and submit your own here.
Major Events
Character Threads

Title: Down in the Dungeons
Involved: Thor, Brunnhilde, Sif, Loki, NPCs
Description: As the conclusion to the thread, Thanos launched an invasion on Asgard, Loki absconded to Earth with the Space Stone, and Odin sacrificed himself to send his son and as many others as he could to Earth for their safety. The fate of Asgard is left unknown, but probably bloody.

Title: Security Breach
Involved: Steve, Bucky, Gamora, Some Random Intern
Description: Gamora makes her presence known at the New Avengers Facility to deliver some big news about Thanos to two members of the Avengers.

Title: A Marvelous Upgrade
Involved: Rogue, Magneto
Description: When an alien attacks Magneto for crimes he hasn't committed, Rogue uses her powers to permanently absorb her.

Title: The First Time Hurts the Most [M]
Involved: Darcy, Steve
Description: After the attack on the STEM fair, Darcy and Steve go home to cuddle. And let's just say that tonight...Steve becomes a man.

Title: All That's Left Is a Ghost of You
Involved: Rogue (one-shot)
Description: After absorbing the alien Phyla-Vell, Rogue struggles to come to terms with her new powers and the psyche that came with them.

Title: Memorial Day Fun
Involved: Samantha, Avengers, Quinn, Shuri, etc
Description: Everyone gathers to celebrate veterans, someone sneaks in, and shocking secrets are revealed. Next time on Days of our Avengers.

Title: Psychic Surgery
Involved: Rogue, Mystique, later Xavier
Description: With control of one of her acquired powers slipping, Rogue turned to her adoptive mother for help, who reluctantly seeks it in the form of the one man she is sure can handle it: Charles Xavier.

Title: A New Perspective [M]
Involved: Mr. and Mrs. Summers-Grey
Description: Jean and Scott come to an important decision regarding their relationship and then...things take a turn.

Title: A Little Bit of Payback
Involved: Rogue, Magneto, Ringmaster
Description: A few members of the Brotherhood seek out Victorious to inform them why they should not have messed with the Brotherhood. Let the bodies hit the floor.

Title: Adventures in Shopping
Involved: Johnny, Daisy
Description: Daisy catches Johnny Storm wearing an atrocious shirt while out in public. She rescues him from paparazzi, but unfortunately for them both, paparazzi are not so easily derailed from juicy gossip.

Title: Schoolhouse Blues
Involved: Singularity, Spider-Man
Description: Singularity tracks down her sort-of-brother at school to play hookie and have fun with her instead.

Title: Silver and Pink
Involved: Garrison, Megan
Description: Megan goes on a date with the ravishing Garrison Kane! And posh restaurants prove that they really are anti-fairy.

Title: We're All Sherlock
Involved: Katy Kiernan, Multiple Man, Jessica Jones, Strong Man
Description: Four strangers meet to investigate a scream which might be tied to MGH.

Title: Surprise Roomies
Involved: Strange, Pixie
Description: Doctor Strange comes to startling realization that the magic pantry is not actually so magical and that there really is a girl living in the cupboard under the stairs.

Title: Tour Day
Involved: Hawkeye II, Iron Heart, Nyx, Hulking, Wiccan/Asgardian, Baldr, Spider-Man, The Mighty Pen
Description: The YA are introduced to their new secret base.

Title: First Time in Forever
Involved: Charles, Josh
Description: For the First Time in Forever, Charles Xavier learns how to Let it Go and that a Frozen Heart can thaw In Summer with a Fixer Upper man.

Title: This Bar Is A-Hoppin'
Involved: Avalanche, Boom Boom, Domino (so far)
Description: A RF thread taking place at Dom's bar where the drinks are free for the night, so long as people don't cause trouble for the establishment. Open to anyone with powers and their guests.
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