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'Nuff said!

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 Kane, Garrison, Kane | Luke Macfarlane | 34
aka Kane
by Calico Jack @ Jan 28 2018, 05:43 PM
Garrison Kane

Kane, Gar
Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada
current location
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member group
August. 05, 1984 / 34
face claim
Luke Macfarlane
To look at Garrison in uniform or when wearing clothing that covers most of his body, he just looks like a 6'2 guy with hair cut short in a military fashion. Hints of the fact that he has a well-developed high-medium muscular build can also be seen depending on what he is wearing. However, it once you see under the clothing that things take on a whole other look. His arms and legs are fully cybernetic and look like metallic bands placed next to each other in shapes to resemble what his arms and legs would look like normally if they were still human. The cybernetic limbs appear to be fitted seamlessly to the still organic torso he possesses. Various scars are visible on his torso. Clothing wise, he wears a military looking uniform of some kind if working and his civilian clothing is varied, but always tidy looking. That means he won't wear clothing with rips in it or things that some people wear with the intent of it looking worn. One thing of note at all times to remember is that he weighs around 500 lbs in total now, but doesn't look it.
occupation & affiliations
Garrison has serves with Joint Task Force 2 and maintains connections with them. He has also served as part of Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. His ties to Weapon Plus was as a field operative for a short six month time frame. Currently, he serves as part of Department H.
Difficulty playing nice with others and confident to the point of being cocky both fit Garrison to a certain degree. Not so much the second one after the loss of his limbs though. As a kid he learned to fight to take care of and protect himself which was something that carried over into his adult life. He can make friends, but it isn't an easy process as trust is something he develops slowly over time. Of course, those he has served with are the ones he sees as being able to be trusted more than others because they have proven themselves in his eyes. Other people, he is cordial enough to, but would trust until he finds a good reason to. However, he has learned to work with anyone he needs to without needing that trust in place. His previous arrogance, while still bits of it shows ... has been greatly reduced. Now, he fully understand how understands no level of skill can assure you walk away unscathed.

In his love life, Garrison has dated and in a few serious relationships which either he or his job has ruined. He can be charming when he tries, but more often that not he doesn't try. A part of him kind of sees that there might be someone out for him that can deal with both his work and his physical condition as it is, yet he isn't exactly looking very hard. After all, he has his job which he is practically married to at times and that settles for quick flings since they don't require him to get all that close to someone. His worry about getting to someone is that that will see past his emotional defenses and see that the depression he once sank into didn't truly leave and is still there creeping at the fringes every time he thinks about what his life would be like if he lost his current limbs or they couldn't be fixed after being damaged.

technology & weapons
Cybernetic limbs and enhancements
Garrison suffered massive traumatic injuries to all four of his limbs while on a mission which resulted in them having to be amputated. The Weapon Plus program took advantage of his new found disability and promised to fix him as well as make him better. To that end, they replaced his lost arms and legs with cybernetic replacement along with strengthening the rest of his body to be able to handle the cybernetic limbs. The end results of their work has left him with the following enhancements via his cybernetic.

Reinforced skeletal structure/spine and cyborg adaption: The skeletal structure of his torso had been reinforced using titanium alloy so that it is able to support the weight of his new limbs and also increase his physical durability some. His torso is able to withstand great impact and blunt force trauma without taking much injury from it. However, it is still vulnerable to things like armor piercing rounds and there is a limit to amount of blunt force trauma he can sustain since his internal organs are still normal. Other adjusts they made to his organic parts is to alter his heart for better blood flow, increase his lung functionality, and tinkered with his other organs so they were better able to handle any possible toxins created by the titanium used to reinforce his skeletal structure and spine.

Superhuman stamina: Because his cybernetic limbs never tire and that they couldn't resist tampering a little with his heart and lungs to make them function better, Garrison's stamina has been increased to superhuman levels. This lets him function at peak levels for several hours at a time before he starts to feel any kind of exhaustion or shortness of breath.

Superhuman strength: His cybernetic limbs have been designed with an upper strength limit of 10 tons. However, he usually avoids pushing them that far even though, his spine and skeletal structure of his torso has been reinforced. At most, he tends to stick to weights under two tons just to be on the safe side concerning his still organic parts of his body.

Superhuman speed and enhanced agility: Garrison's legs are now machines and this allows him to run at speeds far beyond the average human. Along with that, he is now able to pull off moves that before his fully human body wasn't able to even come close to pulling off. However, he still has to deal with things like air friction and the fact that not all of him is machine. So, he makes sure to not try to do too many things that could get his still squishy parts damaged if he was to botch an acrobatic or gymnastic stunt.

Detachable limbs: At both the joint where his hand's connect to the arms and his arm's connect at the shoulders, there are detachable connections. With his hands, this is so that he can fire his hands away like a projectile weapon to either hit or grab someone. Once detached, he maintains remote control over his hands and can make the function like remote drones. The detachable connection at his shoulders is there so that he can simply remove his arm if it is badly damaged and needs to be handed over in order to be repaired. His legs have a similar detachable connection hear his hips so that they can be removed for easier repair. Any limb that he has detached and that hasn't been removed forcefully or the connecting point damaged can be reattached at any time.

Weaknesses: With being a cyborg now, Garrison at times needs both medical and mechanical check-ups to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Also, if he is hurt ... it is hard to say at times whether a doctor or a mechanic would be better suited to fix him up.

Garrison 3.0: Thanks to recent upgrade via Wakandan technology, Garrison's cybernetic limbs are of a higher and more versatile quality. The most obvious thing about them is their initial appearance. Gone is the shiny metallic sheen, to be replaced by what looks to be a black exterior and a leaner more slim look. This black exterior is actually a vibranium-fiber weave which sits over his limbs like a skin. The vibranium-fiber weave is bullet, heat/fire, and somewhat impact resistant. That means, his limbs take much less damage than they would before in combat situations. Also, the vibranium-fiber weave skin makes it so that the metal panels that are his limbs no long risk catching on anything.

His hands no longer serve as projectile, but in place of that is miniature sonic canons fireable via his palms for low-level settings. For stronger more concentrated blast that can knock the average person off their feet, his hands open up. This allows for a stronger built up blast to be fired from a spot inside his wrist. One of the biggest upgrades that he likes the most though, is that he has better tactile sense with his limbs now. Where he could feel things like pressure and temperature in limited ways before, Garrison has something much closer to how his original body parts felt things. It still isn't a perfect match, but it is a vast improvement over what he had before.

Garrison uses various military grade and experimental weaponry as provided to him by the Canadian government.
Garrison Kane is a highly trained special forces operator. He has also worked in in the intelligence community and picked up several useful espionage tactics along the way. His time working as a mercenary has taught him several unconventional paramilitary tactics.
Parents: Malcom and Anna Kane (deceased)
Siblings: N/A
Other Relatives: N/A
Partner: N/A
Important People: Wallace and Marie Poulin
Life for Garrison was what many would consider average when he was born and during his early years. He was an only child with parents that loved him while being just strict enough to make sure he knew the difference between things like right and wrong. While he wasn't stellar in school, he got by with good enough grades and even looked forward to participating in a sport once he made it into high school. However, the loss of his parents in a car accident left him orphaned at the age of thirteen and he was put into a boy's home. Garrison was only in the boy's home for a year, but in that time he learned to fight to defend himself and protect what was his from the other boys there. His freedom from the boy's home came in the form of Wallace and Marie Poulin who first took him in as a foster child before fully adopting him as their own.

However, with the damage done form the boy's home, Wallace sought to help Garrison channel his anger productively and started teaching him what he could about discipline military style. Garrison took to it like a fish to water and soon enough, his adoptive father was teaching him military moves and techniques as Garrison expressed an interest in joining the military after high school. A goal he succeeded in doing within a month of graduating. Going in, his initial skills were only matched by his arrogance as he thought himself invincible. His instructors managed to get his arrogance into a controlled state, but it was also noted that a little of it was well founded as he applied to become a part of Joint Task Force 2 ... the unit his adoptive father served in. Once he passed the physical requirements and had served a year in the regular military with a stellar record, Garrison was given his chance.

Once accepted into the training program for Joint Task Force 2, he worked and pushed himself twice as hard to show he wasn't there just because of his adoptive father. The better he did, the more his cockiness grew as he made it through the training and was fully inducted into the special forces unit. For the next three years, Garrison never hesitated to accept an assignment and looked forward to when he got a chance to be sent into hot-spots all over the world. However, it was on a mission in 2004 where the intelligence they were working off of failed to be enough that he and his fellow operative found themselves caught in an ambush. Shot up badly and injured in all his limbs, the rescue teams weren't able to get to him and the others until it was too late to save his limbs.

Garrison sank deep into depression as he was left as a quadriplegic knowing he would never be able to take care of himself ever again for the rest of his life. It was at this time that a man came to him with an offer that would not only let him walk again, but also regain all of his limb. Desperate for anything that would improve his condition, Garrison jumped at the chance and entered the Weapon Plus program. For six months, he was in an out of the operation room as he was transformed from man into a mix of man and machinery. His only thoughts throughout the painful process was that after it would be able to be a man again and not an invalid forced to rely on others. Once the operations were complete and he took first steps as a new man, he was quickly put into several test to check his performance and then put into the field once the performance test were found satisfactory.

While he was in the field on a mission for Weapon Plus some five months later, he found out that Weapon Plus had suffered a massive attack and was shut down. The leaked records also showed him he wasn't working for the government as he had thought he was. Left with no employer, he entered into mercenary work in order to make the money he needed in order to keep up with the maintenance of his cybernetics since the black market experts weren't cheap. It was many years later that he was contacted by Canadian Secret intelligence Service that he was brought into their fold. Now working for the government once more and having them footing the bills to ensure his cybernetics stayed in top working order, Garrison felt at home once more. Of course, he was not officially on the books, but that was something he understood as a needed step.

Then as the Avengers formed and the Sokovia Accords took shape, Garrison found himself with a new job. The newly created Department H, a government backed Canadian program formed to work with sanctioned, supported, and monitored superhuman activity in Canada needed someone like him. Once the transfer was finalized and he found himself working in the light once more as it was, he accepted his new job working with both Canadian superhumans as well as the understanding he would sometimes work with those from other countries. Suffice to say, a job that he more than feels he is ready for.

He, Him
PM, Skype, Discord
Calico Jack

<b>LUKE MACFARLANE</b> as <i>GARRISON</i><br>
Face Claim
[s]Garrison Kane/Kane[/s]
Canon List
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Who's Who (New Member)
<a href="">GARRISON KANE</a><br>
Who's Who (Char Only)
34 years
Human cyborg
Field operative
total posts
aka Bad Luck Kid
by Jinx @ Jan 28 2018, 08:39 PM
Under Review!

The Staff is currently reviewing your application and will get back with you within 48 hours regarding your acceptance status.
30 years
total posts
aka Blue Bitch
by Aech @ Jan 29 2018, 01:04 AM

Welcome to Heroes Reborn! Please make sure that you have filled out your mini-profile and get to plotting!
∞ years
Black Order
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